Casey Neistat, the Best Youtube Marketer

Casey Neistat himself

Casey Neistat himself

Videobloggers and fans of videoblogging alike are surely familiar with Casey Neistat, who has released more than half a thousand of videos on YouTube and who has garnered over four million viewers on his YouTube channels alone. His fame and wealth today, at the age of thirty five, are a contrast to his earlier life; Casey Neistat dropped out from high school at fifteen and spent a few years of his early life living in trailer parks with his girlfriend and son while subsiding on welfare. He worked quite a few odd jobs before his fame, including working as a dishwasher and a bike messenger. Neistat’s tale of rags-to-riches is one that has inspired many others to follow his footsteps as a YouTuber or videoblogger, and the truth is being an aspiring videoblogger is not as scary as it might sound. All you need are courage and reliable equipments to start your videoblogging debut, the latter of which you can easily get by using Taobao agent Malaysia.

It is no secret that the equipments you need for videoblogging can seem to be dauntingly expensive, especially if you look at professional Youtubers sharing the camera equipments and all the tidbits they are using for their videos. However, the truth is you do not need to shell out thousands of dollar just to kickstart your videoblogging debut, especially if you know where to look for affordable and yet still reliable camera equipments. If you are a videoblogger living in Malaysia who want to get the best possible camera equipments no matter how big your budget is, then getting it through Taobao agent Malaysia might be your best bet.

Taobao is currently one of the biggest online marketplaces in the world, and it is no secret that you can find anything from clothing to office supplies to electronics on this site easily. There are many reasons behind its popularity aside from the sheer amount and varieties of things being sold on this site, as well. Taobao is known for being reliable, with trustworthy and helpful sellers ready to help you get what you need. You can also expect an incredibly smooth shopping experience through Taobao, thanks to its many different promotions and perks offered practically all year long. The biggest thing that sets Taobao apart from other online marketplaces, however, is the fact that they can offer the most affordable and cheapest possible price tag for the same item compared to a vast majority of online marketplaces.

Shopping through Taobao agent Malaysia to get your camera equipment as an aspiring videoblogger is not only a great choice on your part, it is also smart and money-saving. You can easily save hundreds of dollars on camera equipments by buying it through Taobao agent Malaysia rather than other marketplaces or a camera store, which often marks up the place of camera equipments they are selling. Now, all that is left for you to do is to get your camera face on and start recording!
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5 Automotive Technologies You Never Knew Existed

car detailing services

The market of the automotive ideas is all about a high pace. The market can be such slow. Many people are choosing the old and recent vehicles rather than following the newest one. They prefer to think about savings more than today’s needs. But that will never hold the growth of the technologies. The automotive technologies are never stopped. Any means of features are already developed. It is not stopped with the tools that will really help the driver but the tools that will really help the vehicle itself, even it is still needed car detailing service. That makes the car detailing service has more high-tech things to offer. And also they need to enhance their technologies.

The really existed automotive technologies
Ford has to lead us all to the new and high technology use in our car, called parental control. The parental control is a system that will help all the parents to control their teenagers’ behavior, especially when they are riding a car. Parents can actually program the vehicle to have such kind of rules or limitation to be applied. It can be the speed or volume of the sound systems. So then, when they have no idea about the road traffic yet still playing with such high volume, the teenagers will still be safe since the limit of the speed is 80. That is really helpful actually. one another really great technology is called an emotional car.

The title is so classic. With all the things related to the emotions, the car is like a human. It is Toyota the company behind the car development. It is called as FV2. The futuristic cars that are amazingly created in these days. And it really exists in the real world. Toyota has claimed that the car is not only equipped with the cameras or voice recognition but it also equipped with the mental sensor of the driver. So then, the vehicle will be able to detect the mood of the driver. The color of the vehicle will change based on the mood of the driver. Found in Mercedes-Benz E-Class, the driver capability detection is already on the horizon.

The technology is one really rare. And it is so sophisticated. So, there is one sensor that will detect our capability in driving the vehicle. At the first time, we enter the car and start to engine the car, the sensor will detect all our driving capabilities. It will detect our normal behavior when we are still good to drive the car. After the time goes by and there is some changed behavior, the sensor will tell us that we already tired and needs to rest.

Our gestures will be detected as a command. Actually, that is what the Google and Ford are trying to present on the recent cars. So, there will be such kind of command that will be able to do only with our finger or hand moving. The rules will be on the lists. It will list all kinds of moves that can give some effects to the activities on the car. With the help of the 3D cameras, this thing will be actually realized. The cameras will record the particular ideas that our hand does and the central control system will receive it. then all the commands will be performed.

The features are not all already equipped to the car. There are some tools that can be used to any kind of car. There are many automotive cars that maybe not all cars owned even it can be used in any kind of cars. It is called as Golink Cable. The cable is designed to detect any kind of problems happened in your car. It is like a stethoscope for the human body. By connecting it to our smartphone, that will automatically detect things that are needed to be paired. So, we will make our car have more years to last. It will be like we do our own car detailing services Malaysia.

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Top 5 Things I Learned in My Own Wedding

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Marriage is always sacred, sentimental, and memorable. Who will forget the day when the whole world watch you like kings and queens, when you make a vow to be together forever, where you declare your eternal love and commitment to that one person? Marriage is always beautiful. Meanwhile, the wedding, it can be anything from spectacular to disastrous.

No matter how many weddings we have been before and how many years we have prepared ourselves for our own wedding, it will always come full of surprises. I learned it in my own wedding. Here are some of the things I discovered in my wedding that I think everybody needs to know before preparing their own weddings.

Sleep difficulty is inevitable
Days or even weeks before the wedding, you will most likely have difficulties to sleep. I tried everything from counting sheep to drinking warm chamomile tea. I even went for a short meditation session. Most of the attempts didn’t work.

Things keep running in my head. It is a bit difficult to concentrate when there are invitations, party, decorations, wedding gowns, and the ceremony itself to think about. Leaving them to wedding organizer will not help since we are even far from control. The key is to accept that it is part of the wedding process. Losing sleep and worrying are normal. Once we accept it is normal to be in a hectic mood like that, we will be able to be more at peace.

Budget will change 
Years before the marriage, some couples probably have arranged the budget allocation for their wedding. In my own wedding, I learn that budget estimation will always change. In this day and age, prices go up and down very quickly. Whatever kind of party and amount of money we plan, we have to recalculate again when the day is near. It is wise to always allocate some extra money than our initial planning. Well, unless you come from a rich traditional family with parents who are always willing to cover the entire bill.

We won’t probably wear our favorite wedding dresses 
It is in every girl’s nature to dream about walking in their favorite style of wedding dress. I always imagined what kind of wedding dress I wanted to wear on my wedding. However, the reality was actually not that simple.

Some people may have personal fashion designers that always know best what looks good on them. I am not one of those lucky people. I always wanted a mermaid style wedding dress that hugged my body tightly and showed my bare shoulder and upper chest. However, just like many other women, my wedding diet failed. I tried around 20-30 wedding gowns and couldn’t find what looked good on me. Fortunately, I found a wedding gown in Malaysia that was far from my imagined wedding dress, but really made me look stunning.

Some things are best to let go 
Some of us probably want really hard for the wedding day to be unforgettable. We probably prepare special speeches, special PowerPoint, special songs and another special moment to make the day perfect. However, during the chaos of the wedding day, we will probably forget some of them. I and my husband did. It was disappointing. However, no matter how hard we try things to be perfect, sometimes we just have to let some things go.

We will be treated differently 
No matter how much we want to stay normal on our wedding day, the fact is that we are not. We will be special. People will look at us and treat us in a different day. Our family and friends will probably say silly, sweet things to us. People will complement our beauty. There will be requests for photos and touch gifts and congratulations.

For one day, we are going to be superstars. We are going to be princesses. It is normal, though, to be treated differently on our wedding day. After all, it is once in a lifetime.

Want to go simple with your wedding?
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This is Why Your Employees Go Online Shopping at Work

So this was another of those days when you caught your employees surfing taboo agent and other online stores? Employees shopping online during work time are making employers go increasingly crazy. A recent study has found out that 1 out of every 3 workers around the globe spend a minimum of 1 hour daily at work in shopping. Women workers, especially moms, are found to shop more at work over the web. Read on and find out why your employees go online shopping at work.


Shopping offers
The 9 – 5 period of the day, exactly the time for office working hours, is the time when most of the shopping offers are given. No matter which website your employees are accessing, they are sure to come across advertisements of shopping offers containing adverts for the products they like. The adverts come in all shapes and sizes, as banners, text links and even videos – and they look really promising.


Better discounts
According to studies, clothes, DVDs, gadgets, shoes, birthday presents, sports game tickets, food and drink, accessories, computer games, bags, household appliances, music, film, jewelry, cosmetic products, furniture, fancy dress costumes and computer consoles are among the top products which are browsed for over the web during work time. Adverts containing attractive discounts for these items make buyers more interested to purchase them online.

Higher number of rebates
With more and more online stores opening up, and the economy taking a nosedive, there are greater number of rebates and discounts available at the moment. You can come across many stores such as taobao agent which offer a wide range of discount offers. During working hours, promo codes are available and effective for a long time. The availability of the internet means workers find it easier to use the promo codes and shop at discounted rates.


Presence of internet at workplace
With a growing number of workers being unable to keep an internet connection at home due to high data charges and the presence of internet at workplace, employees find it easier to do the shopping while in office. Lack of time at home means they find it more convenient to shop online at work, and settle workplace responsibilities as well as shopping duties at one go.


Search for cheaper deals
With the economy not going strong and salaries getting lower or stagnant, employees are expectedly looking for cheaper deals. Online stores tend to offer everything from food items to clothes and electronic products at cheaper rates than offline stores. These stores are also ready to offer items at significantly discounted rates, which make deals more appealing for consumers. The longer workers are logged on to the internet, the more they are able to know about shopping offers. Moreover, shopping is a great pastime and provides them with relaxation in between hectic work schedules.

A survey conducted by Robert Half Technology established that 23% of employers allow their workers to access online shopping stores although they monitor excessive usage of internet for shopping by employees.

12 Impacts of Online Businesses on Traditional Businesses

tranditional vs. online

Building an online store has become easy and effortless. When compared against physical stores, you can setup ecommerce sites in few spilt hours! In simpler terms, you should throw a website, acquire customer points, click, sell and collect your profit. It is a great way of making money without exerting much effort or risk! However, ecommerce sites require entrepreneurs with new ways, novel skills and up-to-date knowledge. So, how has the internet changed traditional businesses? How has the emergence of online businesses affected traditional business prospects? Are you breaking your head with these questions? If yes, this article will definitely lend you a hand of help!

Change #1 – New Strategies, New Procedures
In this modern era, online businesses are regarded as the 4th Chanel. It is an informal marketing platform that will let you experiment through new strategies and new procedures! According to experts, the 4th Chanel surpasses mail-based communication, telephonic talks and face-to-face movements. The online business gives conventional businesses a new dimension that is secure and reliable.

Change #2 – New Facilitators, New Intermediaries
Secondly, online businesses will give you new facilitators and intermediaries. Novice marketers can treat the venture as a mode of distribution with well defined roles, efficient policies and effective features. These facilitators and intermediaries will undeniably add value to your ecommerce website.

Change #3 – No More Barriers
Lack of Barriers is a phenomenal feature that distinguishes online businesses from traditional businesses. Geographically, temporally or physically, the prospective platform does not have any barriers. On the whole, customers will be allowed to play in an open field with too many options, too many benefits and too many facilities.

Change #4 – No More Conflicts
The online ecommerce platform doesn’t have any space for channel conflicts. This is another interesting feature that gives online businesses an edge above traditional businesses. With the emergence of online businesses, you don’t need to stand in long lines, battle through tough traffic or cope up with annoying shop keepers.

Change #5 – New Ways to Digitised Marketing
With digital marketing emerging quickly, virtual websites have changed the way marketers advertise and promote their businesses. To be more precise, the online platform stresses on demand driven strategies, where promotions and advertisements are directed towards customers straightforwardly. There are no in-between retailers or brokers! This helps customers make purchases at rock bottom rates. Traditionally, all businesses tend to focus on mass markets and large communities. As a result, the need for newspaper ads, magazine ads and tv ads becomes inevitable. However, online ecommerce websites have changed this strategy! Instead, the online business makes use of customized promotions, where each and every customer is focused separately.

Change #6 – An internal Change
When compared against traditional business organizations, online companies should fine tune their decision making skills, authorities and lines of communication. This is because the processes and procedures used in conventional departmental stores cannot be reused in web-based businesses. Trained marketers term this as hyperarchy!

Change #7 – Era of Digitalization
Moving on, ecommerce has increased the need for digitalization. From booking to packaging to shipping, almost everything has a digitalized backend. This is a unique feature that makes ecommerce much more interesting! Technically, online businesses have replaced catalogues, storage methods, advertising strategies and marketing schemes with bits-and-bytes. In the long run, this makes online businesses much more reliable, flawless and accurate.

Change #8 – Anytime, Anywhere
Can you buy when you sleep and sell when you take a short nap? Well, you can with the emergence of online businesses! Perhaps, this is the biggest change induced by ecommerce sites. Unlike traditional businesses, you can buy from anywhere, at anytime and almost anything. Online businesses are designed to abridge the gap between nights and days!

Change #9 – Reduced Costs
Do you know that online businesses can launched at a cheaper price than traditional ones? This is because you don’t need to worry about racks, stores, parking space or paid employees! In fact, you don’t need to spend several thousand dollars on magazines, yellow pages or the television.

Change #10 – Know Your Rank
Unlike conventional businesses, you can measure online ecommerce sites effortlessly. This is an adept way of tracking the growth of your website. In simpler terms, you can analyze your site using Google analytics. As you open up a new physical store, you should wait for several days, weeks or even months for results. However, online businesses will not let you wait this long for real time results. You will have the opportunity to see peak hit rates, subscriber rates and number of visitors in few short hours.

Change #11 – Instantaneous Improvements
Do you know that online businesses require strategies that are refined frequently? Incorporating change into physical businesses and stores might seem like a million dollar quest. Nonetheless, online businesses will let you make profitable improvements in few clicks of a button. The refinements can be done almost instantaneously.

Change #12 – Improved Brand Image
A well managed ecommerce site with high quality blogs, products and services will develop your brand’s overall image. This is because your site will be accessed by a global market, with customers from different parts of the world. According to a recent survey that was conducted in Hariott-Watt University, ecommerce websites are 120 times reachable than traditional stores. The far greater exposure and predominant number of audiences will help you amuse over bigger profits. In the long run, online businesses prove to be much more profitable than traditional ventures. Plus, if your ecommerce site is search engine optimized, you will see a quick return on investment. Great online businesses with flawless services, prominent customer support units and efficient features can go viral in few days. This is how flipkart, alibaba and bestbuy became a part of the million dollar league. Additionally, if you have a strong image in social media networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, you will have the wit to grab a sturdy position in search results. This is a theory that doesn’t work well with traditional businesses. Conversely, the profit margin enjoyed by virtual sites with a healthy number of followers will always be higher than what is witnessed by physical stores.

Impact of Online Trading in Third World Countries

online trading

The Internet has changed the face of businesses forever! Ecommerce is an amazing platform that helps individuals buy goods and services from the comforts of their home. Unlike conventional forms of trade, ecommerce witnessed a massive boom in few short years. And, lots of research and analysis is done to study the impact of online trading in third world nations. It is quite evident that the internet has changed the economy of third world countries remarkably. A recent study proved that ecommerce sales have reached nearly 3.2 trillion USD in half a decade.

So, how has online trading affected third world nations? Is the impact good or bad? Read on, to know more about the other side of this internet revolution.

An Interesting Instrument, A Trend Setter!
As mentioned previously, ecommerce can be treated as an important instrument of any economy. In most third world nations, the government tends to use ecommerce as a means of activating many enterprises, companies and institutes. It is a great way of boosting the country’s economy in an efficient and steadfast manner. In fact, some third world countries use ecommerce to trigger the nation’s foreign market and export. It is a medium through which foreign exchange can be incepted and managed.

A World of New Opportunities
Young entrepreneurs state that online trading has introduced new opportunities in third world countries. For instance, many new businesses and high paying jobs have started in developing countries like Egypt. It is a venture that would take the country’s business prospects to a whole new height. Big or small, macro or micro, ecommerce has the ability to give organizations and entrepreneurs a global market. However, to ensure financial success, the country should ensure interoperability with the international market (environment). Meanwhile, standards must be developed for a better level of reach-ability and compatibility with the global trade.

The Trillion Dollar Question
Do you know that online trading has a firm impact on the socio-economy of developing countries? Ecommerce has the ability to act as a catalyst that can balance trade in any country. Subsequently, this would have a positive impact in the economic growth of any nation. For instance, it would curtail inflation rates and national debt in a strategic manner. Moreover, ecommerce is a potent industry that would have a direct impact on any local economy and also encourage the presence of a much more open trade. Projections state that e-based businesses can hit 1 trillion USD in another decade if developing countries penetrate into the international market.

A new Life! A better World!
Moving on, do you know that online trading has an impact on the quality of life lead by third world citizens? A recent survey in Egypt stated that the internet has elevated the nation’s standard of living by great leaps and bounds. After all, it is a worldwide technology that processes national and global orders! In simpler words, ecommerce will let you target international customers from a small, remote office that is located in a village with some internet access.

Facing Prudent Complications!
Though online trading has the power to uplift the economy of third world countries, it does comprise of many complications. Consumer awareness, corporate awareness, market size, infrastructure, lack of reliable e-based transaction compliances, tele density infrastructure and financial transaction are few prominent facets that affect the growth of online trading in 3rd world nations. Similarly, social and psychological problems like trust, territorial behaviour, resistance to change, security, generation gap, credit card usage, language barrier and bandwidth cost – can reduce the boom of online trading in developing nations.

What is Drop Shipping and How Does it Work?

Over the past few years, different types of retail strategies have surfaced. Drop Shipping would be one such mechanism, used by many retailers and consumers. By definition, drop shipping is a special order fulfilment methodology. Here, the retailer doesn’t maintain an inventory of the products or services. Instead, the manufacturers alias wholesalers will be asked to execute the orders. Unlike conventional forms of shopping, drop shipping has many indispensible benefits. It is an attractive venture that removes a massive burden from the shoulders of retailers and delights customers with timely delivery.

drop shipping

A Bigger Market, A Bigger Catalogue
According to potential customers, drop shipping lets them handpick products from a broad range of offerings. Meanwhile, merchants are conferred with the freedom to sell any feasible and legal. For instance, you wish to open a boutique & a virtual store for coffee machines. The boutique will restrict you to a selected number of models and makes. On the other hand, the drop shipping will let you offer a wide range of coffee machines. You can collaborate with many manufacturers and offer a dozen options.

Become a Market Leader
Do you know that drop shipping will let you hit and win the market easily? Starting a conventional store and becoming successful is easy said than done! Luckily, drop shipping will make this path quite straightforward for you. As a new product gets launched, you can include it in your ecommerce website. To be more precise, drop shipping will let you explore and experiment new lines. It is one of the finest ways by which you can test-try new products in your inventory.

Money, Money, Money
A very important factor that controls all businesses would be money. You should have sufficient amounts of funds to start and manage a successful business. However, with drop shipping in the corner, you don’t need to worry about hefty investments. The strategic method will let you cut down your overall investment significantly. This is because drop shipping does not comprise of any upfront investments. Finally, the technique will help you save lots of time. Lots of retailers are using drop shipping for this reason. As potential retailers, you will not be expected to order, receive, store, stack, manage or ship products. Instead, you should master the real ins and outs of drop shipping for a successful business. It is an amazing technique that will relieve you from conventional burdens and set you in the path of profit.

How Does Drop Shipping Work?
So, how does drop shipping work? Are you still pondering over this question? Here is a brief insight through five important steps in drop shipping:

  • First of all, retailers must handpick a reliable supplier. There are more than a million suppliers and products to choose from! Always bear in mind that you should decide products you are comfortable with.
  • Secondly, open up a comprehensive Ecommerce website and start selling your products. If you are a novice online retailer, you can make use of sites like eBay.
  • Thirdly, let the customer pay you online. As a customer makes a buy, you should let them pay. Collect the cash, keep the profit and settle your supplier.
  • Direct the order to your supplier and finish your role in the entire process.
  • Finally, the supplier would ship the product to your customer and conclude the entire process.

Ultimate Bottom Line
Drop Shipping is a great way of conquering the virtual market. The strategic method is appreciated and followed by many retailers! Experts believe that drop shipping would give retailers a jumpstart into the virtual trade.